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With effect from 1st January 2013, financial advice firms can be “Independent" or “Restricted”.

Independent firms must consider the whole market place and all possible investment media, including structured products and unregulated collective investment schemes.

Restricted firms can be restricted by the investment media they consider and/or by the companies products they consider.

RDS Financial Consultants Limited has chosen to be a “restricted” adviser due to the fact that the majority of our clients would not consider some of the more exotic investments available. We are restricted by the investments we will consider and not the companies we use. Therefore, for Pensions and the retail investments we will consider, we will seek the best terms from the whole market.

As a Restricted firm of financial advisers, we will work for you, the client. We are not obligated or contracted by any of the companies who would seek to offer you Financial Policies or Products.

Our aim is to provide you with sufficient information, to enable you to make informed decisions in all areas of financial planning.

Successful Financial Planning relies as much upon opinion and feeling as it does upon fact. As a result, financial decisions are often complicated, not only by the range and complexity of the options and plans available, but also, by the need to balance the needs of today with the often "potential" needs of the future.

In our experience, most people prefer to be able to consider any financial advice which may be offered to them in their own time. As a result, where possible, any advice we provide is conferred confidentiality in writing.

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